Denko Maleski
Professor at Doctoral School of Political Science
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

International politics


Denko Maleski 
Faculty of Law, Skopje, 2000

The book International Politics written by the professor in international politics, law and contemporary political systems at the Law Faculty in Skopje, Dr Denko Maleski represents a chrestomathy of texts of well-known thinkers and authors from the area of social sciences, that today we call international politics. The book also contains three studies by Denko Maleski: The Evolution of Thought on International Politics; Classical Thought on International Politics and International Politics and International Law.

The work is divided in three parts. The First Partcontains selected texts of the ‘so-called’ realists in international politics. The Melian Dialogue by Tucydus; On the Rulers and The Safety of Their States by Nicolo Machiavelli; On the Natural Condition of Mankind by Jean-Jacques Rousseau; -all of which are intellectual predecessors of contemporary authors like Hans Morgentau. Hadley Bull, Robert Gilpin andKenneth N. Wolts.

The Institutionalists are represented by texts of the classical authors Hugo Grocius (The Laws of War and Peace), Immanuel Kant (Peace, Morale and Politics), Jeremy Bentham (The Peace Between the Peoples is Here), as well as the contemporary Ernest B. Haas (Multilateralism, Knowledge and Power), Robert O. Keohein and Joseph Nay (Realism and Complex Interdependence), John Burton (Billiard Balls), Michael Doyle (Cant, Liberal Heritage and External Affairs) and Charles A. Cupchan and Clifford A. Cupchan (Faith in Collective Security).

The Second Partstarts with Notes on Tucydus, Machiavelli, Hobbes, J-J Rousseau, Kant, Bentham and Mill, made by the author of the chrestomathy D. Maleski, as well as a selection of texts by these authors on classical thought on international politics.

The Third Partcomprises of seven essays by Maleski on international politics and law(The System of States and International Law; The Evolution of International Law; International Society, National Society and International Law; Law and Politics in International Society; Forms of The Organization of Power in an International Society; and The United Nations).

Not only because of the excellent and knowledgeably made choice of texts by Maleski -who apart from being a Professor of International Politics, was also The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia (1991-1993) and The Ambassador to the United Nations from Macedonia (1993-1997) but also due to his understanding of international politics, the book International politicsrepresents a truly valuable and unavoidable readerfor all who are interested in international politics and its theory or practice.


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The book is published by The Law Faculty - Skopje(Edition: International Law and Politics)