Pal Tamas

Dr. Pal Tamas is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Research on Knowledge, Values and Culture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary. Research areas: Knowledge based society, information society, elite, strategic research, political sociology, geopolitics, Russia, CIS research, Kazakhstan, future views of Hungary, environment, vulnerability, radicalism. Recent publications: “Broken modernization in Central Europe after 1918. The Jewish Answer”, Studia Baltica, 2012, pp. 70-84;“Antidemocratic views and Ethnic animosity in the Hungarian Public opinion: Anti-Semitism as Indicator of political radicalism”, In: Guesnet Francois - Jones Gwen (ed.) Antisemitisn in Poland and Hungary, London: Routledge, 2012. pp. 270-290; “The radical right in Hungary: A threat to democracy?” In: Langenbacher N, Schellenberg B (ed.) Is Europe on the „right” path? Berlin: FES, 2011.